Retraining Your Body to Eat Less and Lose Weight

Wow! The holidays have been wrecking my weight stabilization plan, and the last big two for the year are not even here yet! I have been watching my weight creep up like a slow growing plant. I had not weighed myself for two months, and now I have seen that I have gained 25 pounds. I thought I would be okay having a little sugar and milk in my coffee and eating a blueberry muffin for breakfast. I was piling on the carbs and backing off on the protein. Now I am drinking the best weight loss shakes and cutting back the calories.

It is a simple formula to lose weight. You either need to take in less calories than what you burn, or you need to burn more calories than what you take in. Technically, you could eat your daily calories in doughnuts and still lose weight. Being that it is sugar and fat, it may be much harder, and you would also be starving yourself of needed nutrients. However, if you burned 2000 calories a day and ate 1800 calories in doughnuts, you would eventually start to lose weight. I know I need a balanced diet, and using the shakes means they have to be the best weight loss shakes available. This is because they need to be balanced in calories, fat, protein and carbs along with necessary vitamins and minerals. The reason they need to be in the shakes is because they are meal replacement shakes that you drink twice daily to be able to avoid a regular breakfast and lunch.

You are skipping a formal meal with a meal replacement shake. So, the shake has to be nutritious. You cut back in calories, but you make sure you get the necessary protein, vitamin and minerals. Plus, you do need fat too. Then you eat a regular, but sensible meal. In days you can experience pound losses that motivate you to keep going. If you make it through the first few days without succumbing to food temptation, your body adjusts to the smaller food intake and you will feel full.